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Why SheCar®?

See Exactly What the Dealer Sees

We allow you to see what car dealers see, and we share the tools dealerships use to evaluate and price vehicles. It is a whole new way for consumers to shop for and buy quality cars, trucks, and vans at dealer-only auctions held throughout North America every day of the week.

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Step 1

Step 1.
Decide on your budget.

If you need financing shop around with your local banks or credit unions. Shopping for a lender keeps you in charge of your money, and SheCar in charge of helping you find a safe, reliable car that you love.

Step 2

Step 2.
Select your car online.

Schedule a quick online tour to learn how to access the dealer-only inventory. After you’ve selected your favorites, SheCar will itemize exactly what that vehicle will cost, including your state registration fees and taxes.

Step 3

Step 3.
Bid at scheduled auction.

Once you’ve found the perfect vehicle, SheCar invites you to join us online in real-time as we bid on your selection. There is no obligation to buy the vehicle unless we win the bid!

Step 4

Step 4.
Receive your car at home.

SheCar delivers your vehicle to the address of your choice with a full tank of gas (up to $50) and a fresh detail when possible, along with temporary registration, tags, and title work. (And some SheCar swag!)

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  • Cathy R.

    Words can't describe how much fun it was to buy my Tesla Model 3 through SheCar! What I love about the SheCar experience is that you can get as involved as you like, or just wait for your fabulous new car to be delivered. Either way, you'll spend far less that you would at a dealer, and you'll own a vehicle that you could likely sell the next day at a profit if you so choose. It's unlikely that I'll make that decision, because 0-60 in 3.3 seconds is just too much fun!

    - Cathy R.

  • Jack K.

    Need a car, need to save money, need to brag about your great deal?
    You have found the place. Just the way I did. Make no mistake, this is not your father’s, err, mother's car, dealership. Best of all its a phone call away. I picked up my little red Cadillac that we call Scarlett. You won't believe how much I saved. Thank you, Athena and SheCar.

    - Jack K.

  • Anna M.

    I cannot say enough good things about Athena and SheCar! Not only did I pay thousands of dollars less than very similar cars I was looking at on dealership lots, but the process was so easy, most of it done from my home. Time is money! I got a great price on a beautiful car that was delivered to my front door (with a full tank of gas).
    I felt confident through the whole process of selecting and bidding on cars with Athena’s guidance. There was so much more information on the cars than I had ever seen before, down to the slightest details. Thank you SheCar!

    - Anna M.

  • Reed D.

    I can’t say enough about SheCar. Everything was above and beyond. The She Car team were the standout experience for me. They took time to help me find the perfect car while also working around my schedule to make sure everything happened on time. And not to mention snagging a great deal on a new car with very little effort on my part. They work with you and for you to get you an awesome deal with stellar customer service to boot. THANK YOU She car.

    - Reed D.

  • Kelsey O.

    I have been telling all my friends to give up the old way of buying a car and go the SheCar route. This entire process and the customer service are incredible. When we unexpectedly had to get a new car I was stressed, because the last time I felt pressured and taken advantage of. I was also concerned because my husband and I both work a lot of hours. Athena was wonderful. She took care of us, was transparent and made everything easy. I came home from work and voila! My new and beautiful car was in my driveway. You will not be disappointed.

    - Kelsey O.

  • Mike W.

    This was the easiest car buying experience I have ever done in all of my years of buying cars. I would recommend SheCar for your next car purchase and I will be back for my future car purchases. I started the search and in 72 hours, I had the car in my driveway. No dealing with the dealerships. Thank you SheCar!

    - Mike W.

  • Marc W.

    This is the third car my wife and I have purchased through SheCar. I must say that I find the process fun and very straight forward. We are extremely pleased with the all the cars we found and would highly recommend Athena at SheCar.

    - Marc W.

  • Peers H.

    Easiest way I have found to shop for a used pickup truck. Found several I liked, bid on one and lost by $50...ugh! Then bid on another and won at the price I wanted. Saved several thousand $$ and found the process to be fun, fast and exciting. Enjoying the 2017 Ford F-150 Limited we bought and highly recommend SheCar!

    - Peers H.

  • Tony M.

    I just retired from public safety after 32 years of faithful service of putting out fires, birthing babies, saving lives, and rescuing cats out of trees. I wanted a decent 4-wheel drive vehicle to travel cross country in and to do some over- landing. I knew I exactly what I wanted. Now that I’m on a public servant “fixed” income, I needed a great deal. SheCar came to my rescue. With Athena’s help and her great deal of patience, I was able to save a lot of money (like over $7000 from retail value according to my lender) on a Toyota 4Runner TRD-Off-road edition. I will never ever step onto a car dealership lot to buy a vehicle ever again!

    - Tony M.

  • Brian H.

    I formerly sold new and used cars and understand the costs dealers and wholesalers pass on to customers. She Car changes all that. Looking for a great deal on a car? Athena and She Car will easily guide you to the best buying experience ever.

    - Brian H.

  • Lisa L.

    I am in Denver and my daughter lives in Orlando and she needed a new car. SheCar took care of everything and made it so easy!! And we got a great deal without me needing to fly across the county or better yet, walk inside a dealership and get taken advantage of. Now I'm thinking about buying myself a new vehicle and my son his first car through them as well! I have looked for the car my daughter got at various dealerships around Denver, and I saved thousands and from my sofa! I highly recommend them.

    - Lisa L.

  • Marcy M.

    This is the best car buying experience I have ever had! I have bought from CarMax, Carvana, and a Toyota dealership. I felt that SheCar (and Athena) were honest and completely transparent throughout the entire process. I highly recommend SheCar to everyone.

    - Marcy M.

  • Justin P.

    SheCar will be your guide through your car buying experience. Whether you're new to the whole thing or like my father who has bought, sold, and traded vehicles his whole life, you'll find your BEST deals here!!

    - Justin P.

  • Steven L.

    SheCar came highly recommended by our neighbors who are happy clients. Athena put up with us for over a year as we fought that new truck bug. When we were finally ready , SheCar went to work and had that truck we specifically wanted in our driveway within a week. We were impressed how well we knew each detail of the truck down to very minor scratch even before we decided to buy it. The truck was better than we imagined and looks amazing.

    - Steven L.

  • Megan R.

    I cannot say enough good things about Athena and SheCar. Quick, compassionate and dependable, Athena and her team made the car buying process easy and stress-free. Everything was explained thoroughly, all of our questions were met with clear answers, and there was never any pressure to buy something we weren't in love with.

    Plus, any chance to support local and to support a non-profit (check out SheCare!) is a win-win in our book. We're not planning on buying another car for a while but when it's time, you can bet we'll be coming back to Athena.

    - Megan R.

  • Lynne M.

    What a FABULOUS way to buy a car! Just bought a car through SheCar — so easy! We found exactly the car we were looking for and now it's ours. This was the smoothest, most straightforward car-buying experience I've ever had. I recommend SheCar very, very highly. Won't buy cars through dealers ever again. EXCELLENT company.

    - Lynne M.

  • Sonia S.

    I am Sonia S., President of We the Women Movement, and as a woman, I am pleased to have been served by SheCar. I had the opportunity to buy my vehicle and be treated tremendously well by the owner and SheEO of SheCar. I was pleased to support an organization that specializes in providing good service and advice to women!

    Thank you so much She Car!

    - Sonia S.

SheCar is changing gears to create even better ways to bring trustworthy solutions to your car buying experience. Check back for membership announcements and more to come.