SheCar® is a woman-owned and operated online car dealership created to help women and men trust – even love – their car-buying experience. How do we do it?

We Give You Full Access

Every detail that is available to us as a registered automobile dealer  is available to you; details that are otherwise not available to consumers like the vehicle’s actual value, what dealers have been paying for comps that end up on their lots and even an inspection report covering over 100 checkpoints from structural assessment to tire tread, and more.

You’re In Control: Save Time, Money (and Self-Respect)

In a quick online tour, we show you how to save time and money, and give you the tools to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs quickly and efficiently. No cost, no sales pitch – just open access to the truth about a car’s value and condition. We start with a curated search based on your location and needs, then show you how to find and evaluate each vehicle quickly and efficiently – all from your phone, tablet or computer.

No Salespeople.  No Obligation. No Fuss.

The SheCar online portal gives you access to a vehicle’s estimated price based on its wholesale market value. Find something you like? We’ll investigate even further! There is no obligation to buy, no salespeople selling you. SheCar simply gives you access to see what dealers’ see, the tools to know how to determine a vehicle’s value, and the ability to place a bid during auction.

Elite Benefits Without Having to Play the Game

What is a dealer-only auction? It’s where dealers buy and sell nearly 100% of the used vehicles found on their lots. And, it’s almost always where your trade-in ends up. SheCar lets YOU choose from the vast inventory available to us as dealers. Our goal is for you to pick out your own quality ride, and we’ll help you determine that it’s the best fit for the absolute best price: wholesale.

Experience the Power of A Penny-Watching Approach

Once you’ve made your selection it’s auction time! SheCar prepares a cost summary accounting for every penny and should you decide to bid at auction, we set up a screen share, so you can watch us bid on your behalf. Remember, the auctions are dealer-only for a reason – they don’t want you to see what SheCar shows you for one very big reason: money. The savings you’ll experience are always in the thousands of dollars.

Open, transparent information at your fingertips without being told & sold by salespeople feeding you what they want you to hear. What’s not to love?


Our promise: to be honest and openly share all resources that are available to us as a licensed automotive dealer, so that you can make educated decisions about your purchase. On your behalf we only bid on a vehicle that we would buy for ourselves – one that is thoroughly inspected, where everything from dings and scratches to tread and factory recalls are identified and disclosed to you.



Athena Staton’s passion for cars began in high school when she worked as a greeter at a Chevrolet dealership in Fort Lauderdale, Florida until graduating from college in the eighties. Her father was the general manager and he insisted she learn about buying, maintaining and servicing cars of all makes and models, beginning with her first car, a gently used Chevy Impala. Given years on the inside of a dealership, Athena became extremely comfortable shopping for and negotiating the best deal possible with car dealers and salespeople. She carried that uninhibited ease well into adulthood, joyfully assisting friends and relatives in purchasing both new and used cars at bargain prices.

SheCar is her latest venture and is the inspiration for her newly formed non-profit organization, SheCare, Inc. which exists to provide women who are emerging from hardship with reliable and safe vehicles. Together the two organizations serve to provide women and men with honest, transparent, and truthful information about the cost and condition of cars.

Athena also serves as President of Staton Media Group, and co-founder of the non-profit organization Ian Supra Memorial Foundation.

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