After Your Purchase – What To Expect
March 8, 2021

After Your Purchase – What To Expect

So, you have purchased a vehicle from SheCar, congratulations! Here is what to expect.


You have already provided us with everything that is necessary for the paperwork: driver’s license, current auto insurance, and – if you are using a lender — lien holder information. Our title-divas have gathered the appropriate forms and paperwork specific to your state and are overnighting you a package of state-required documents needed to register the vehicle in your state. Each state has different procedures and forms for registering a vehicle, but never fear! Your SheCar title-diva will assist you every step of the way.


Our transport team will arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by a licensed and insured auto transport carrier and delivered right to your home. If you have low-hanging trees on your street, we may ask you to meet the carrier at the end of the block or nearby to avoid potential damage to your vehicle and the carrier’s equipment.

When you receive the vehicle do a thorough walk-around, checking it against the original condition report provided by SheCar. Most vehicles are moved on open-transport trailers and exposed to weather and road dust. In the winter and in northern states, your vehicle may appear dirty. If so, simply rinse with a garden hose or a run through your local car wash.  

If the purchase is from an auction, you may encounter some inventory labels on the exterior glass. Simply peel off and if some of the stickiness is stubborn, apply goo-off or goo-be-gone. For tougher areas try a straight-edge razor and apply forward motion gently to the glass. (Never use a metal razor on a painted surface or interior tinted glass and never on a back interior window with defogging wires on them.)

Check that you have received the correct number of keys or fobs and take some photos, especially one with you in it so we can share your experience with other SheCar Divas and Dudes!

Check General Maintenance Items

General maintenance is a necessary function for all vehicle owners and most cars will arrive fully checked-out unless specifically discussed. Still, you will want peace of mind that all the common maintenance issues are up to date.

Tire Pressure – check the pressure in all your tires, including the spare. The recommended PSI is located on a label on the driver’s door-jam or in your owner’s manual.

Oil – check your engine oil quality and level. If there is a sticker on the inside windshield indicating the most recent oil change, you should be good. However, visually inspect the oil level and quality on the oil dipstick. If it’s a somewhat clear, amber color (much like maple syrup), it should be good for a while. If you are not sure, consider changing the oil with manufacturer recommended oil. Generally, synthetic oil is twice the price but last three times longer between changes.

Other Fluids and Safety Features

While your engine oil level and quality are especially important, there are some other fluids and features that should be checked as part of your ongoing general automobile maintenance. Brake fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant and even windshield-wiper fluid should be checked as per manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Enjoy Your New Ride

Take your new ride for a spin and become familiar with all safety features. Get to know your vehicle over time on a personal level, how it feels on turns, the hum of the engine, and where the most used controls are located. Soon it will feel like slipping into a glove.

After-Purchase Checklist Recap

  • Sign and return paperwork.
  • Receive your new ride.
  • Check general maintenance items including tire pressure and fluids.
  • Enjoy your new ride!
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