Buying a Fleet Has Never Been Easier
July 19, 2022

Buying a Fleet Has Never Been Easier

The online car dealer who changed the car buying process for consumers has rolled out a new B2B fleet program for businesses who need quick and affordable access to multiple vehicles. “The new car shortages have created a tsunami in both new and used car markets making it particularly hard for small businesses to secure safe reliable vehicles, regardless of price,” says Athena Staton, SheCar founder and president.

Auto prices throughout the U.S. and beyond remain at all-time highs although according to Staton, prices appear to be leveling off. “What I see is an historic equity gain that rose from late 2020 to mid-2022. Those gains have slowed considerably, maybe even equalized, but we won’t see a drop in depreciation for maybe another year.”

That uptick in car prices hit small business hard, particularly those in or entering the rapidly growing delivery business. Many small business owners were forced to make difficult projections by guestimating vehicle cost against volatile insurance rates, limited inventory selection, ongoing maintenance, potential repairs, and wiggly depreciation.

“I was first approached by a national pizza restaurant chain franchisee facing staffing shortages and enormous insurance hikes to insure drivers using their personal vehicles. The company started with a dozen cars which inaugurated the SheCar Fleet Partner Program that has since evolved into an ongoing facilitator to buy, maintain, sell, repeat,” says Staton.

“We help businesses keep track of basic maintenance schedules with the sole purpose of keeping the vehicle healthy to avoid potential repairs.” One of the less obvious issues facing fleet holders is what to do with the inventory once it’s ready to be retired from service. Fleet Partner Program members can rotate the vehicle back to SheCar for sale or replacement at any time.

In addition to the national pizza delivery chain, SheCar Fleet Partners boasts home health care providers, accessible service vehicles, and even a garage door installation company in the Midwest who discovered the perfect combination three-quarter-ton pickup and drive train resulting in significantly fewer injuries to installers.

“When SheCar launched, Forbes described the company as a game-changer for consumer car shoppers. The Fleet Partner Program brings that same promise of saving consumers thousands to small businesses throughout the U.S.” says Staton. 

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