Divas, Dudes Drive the Car-Buying Makeover
January 12, 2019

Divas, Dudes Drive the Car-Buying Makeover

At first, when SheCar® was incubating in my head, I hoped that customers who really enjoyed this new way of buying a car would spread the word and share the concept – maybe even act as agents who could earn money by referring new customers. This has, indeed happened, but in a way much bigger than I’d imagined.

Today, just six months in, we have a community of “agents” now known as SheCar DIVAs & DUDEs that have grown organically all over the U.S. (Funny story, the word “agent” was quickly struck down by one of SheCar’s first customers, Cathy Cavins, who came up with DIVAs & DUDEs; thank you Cathy!) This growing community of like-minded people who rejoice in shopping for awesome deals and saving big bucks is testimony to the truth that the retail auto industry was in dire need of a major makeover.

And so, it begins – right here on SheCar.com, and on SheCar’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Your shares and likes, ovations and pictures tell the story of one woman’s goal of turning the generally miserable car-buying experience into one happy and fun adventure that doesn’t have to end; and can ultimately lead to income and fulfillment.

All this said, it’s time to plan the next SheCar DIVA and DUDE Happy Hour-and-a-Half! Keep an eye out for the date, time and location. Come prepared to meet like-minded people as you make new friends, enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers, and maybe even trade SheCar swag!

Rolling with you!


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