November 5, 2021


How do I know I can trust SheCar?

SheCar® is a licensed independent automotive dealer incorporated in Orlando, FL. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook!


About the Vehicles

What kind of vehicles are available at the auction?

Nearly all vehicles flow through the dealer-only auction and pretty much anything you can imagine is there — from everyday family vehicles to vintage collectible cars to high-end luxury cars.


What if I am looking for a truck, RV or commercial vehicle?

SheCar is licensed to buy and sell all cars, trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, and even motorcycles, but sorry, no RVs.  


Does SheCar guarantee their vehicles?

Yes, because SheCar will not recommend you buy anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves, so we guarantee your vehicle will run like a top or we’ll take the car back within 7 days with very few exceptions. If there is an exception to the guarantee you’ll know well before you decide to buy.


How much money can I save?

You can expect to save at least $2,000 over buying retail. Some customers have calculated their savings over $10,000!  


I see a car I like, what now? What is required to move forward with bidding on a vehicle?

Once you zero-in on a vehicle we provide you with a simple spreadsheet that line-items the cost of the vehicle and all additional fees or taxes. Every penny on the spreadsheet is accurate and you will never be surprised with ridiculous added fees.

Once you approve the spreadsheet, we buy the car!


Do I go online and bid myself?

No, SheCar will do the actual bidding, but you can Zoom with us and watch.


Do you take trade-ins?

Not yet, but we can consign it for a small fee, or gladly advise you how to price and list your car for private sale.


What are the fees involved?

SheCar has a flat fee after which your overall savings is in the thousands.


Can I test drive the car?

No. Only dealers are permitted inside the auction, so we recommend test-driving on your own to make sure you will be comfortable in the make and model you select.


What types of payment do you accept?

Wire transfers work best but bank checks or lender checks are definitely OK, just no credit cards.

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