November 18, 2019


About SheCar®

What is SheCar and how is it different?

SheCar is a licensed automobile dealership servicing the entire United States, headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Unlike other online companies and traditional dealerships, SheCar allows customers access to the pre-retail inventory and wholesale pricing calculations found only at dealer-only auctions.

What is a dealer-only auction?

It’s where dealers shop for and buy nearly 100% of the pre-owned vehicles found on their lots. And, it’s almost always where your trade-in ends up. It’s safe to say that most vehicles flow through a dealer-only auction eventually.

How does SheCar make money?

We charge a fee and will always save you at least $2,000 off retail, even after all taxes and fees.

How do I know I can trust SheCar?

SheCar is a licensed independent automotive dealer incorporated in Orlando, FL. Our corporate documents can be found here. Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook and this feature article that appeared in Forbes, and NBCNews.com.

About the Vehicles

What kind of vehicles are available at the auction?

Nearly all vehicles flow through the dealer-only auction eventually and pretty much anything you can imagine is there — from everyday family vehicles to vintage collectible cars to high-end luxury cars.

What if I am looking for a truck, RV or commercial vehicle?

SheCar has access to all trucks and commercial vehicles, and certain recreational vehicles.

With such a vast inventory, how can I zero-in on the car that’s right for me?

SheCar sets you up with a search criterion exclusively for you. As vehicles that fit the criteria arrive at auction your search is populated; as vehicles are sold, they are automatically removed from the search. It’s a starting point from which you can further customize every detail from price to condition, model year to roof type and nearly everything in between.

Are wholesale vehicles new?

No, but often they are like-new having been driven only a few hundred miles.

How do I know if the vehicle is in good condition – or not?

When a vehicle arrives at auction a body shop technician evaluates the entire vehicle and assigns a grade, 0 – 5 which is put into the vehicle’s condition report. This report not only identifies the condition of the vehicle, but it also reports its accident history, discloses flood exposure, lemon law, or structural damages. The CR is very thorough and both the auction and SheCar guarantee the findings.

Are wholesale vehicles junk that no one else wants?

No. In the car business, the word wholesale refers to what the dealer pays for a vehicle, not the condition of that vehicle.

How does a vehicle end up at the auction?

The auction is a marketplace where dealers, as well as rental, lease, and finance companies, buy and sell inventory throughout North America and beyond. When you take a car into a dealership for trade, most times it is sent directly to the auction, regardless of its value and condition. It’s a highly efficient way for dealers to move vehicles fast without consumers slowing down the process (and knowing the actual value of the vehicle they just traded in!)

What’s the difference between Maintenance lights and Warning lights?

SheCar recommends always following manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to your vehicles service schedule, especially when a light comes on. Most cars on the road today have a light that will illuminate when it’s time for maintenance. In nearly all cases this is not cause for alarm, rather, it’s like a call from the dentist reminding you it’s time for a cleaning. However, if a Warning light comes on, drive to the nearest service center and ask for a quick diagnostic. (This should be a flat fee around $100. If they want an hourly rate, drive to the second nearest service center!)

What is the SheCar guarantee?

When you receive your new SheCar, the engine, electrical, and transmission are guaranteed for 7 to 14 days. If the vehicle needs maintenance, this is generally not covered.

About the Purchase Process

Does SheCar guarantee their vehicles?

Yes, because SheCar will not recommend you buy anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves, so we guarantee your vehicle will run like a top or we’ll take the car back within 7 days unless it is specifically designated “as-is”, which you’ll know well in advance.

If the auctions are closed to the public, why does SheCar let me see the inventory?

Because we believe there is no good reason for you not to know the truth about car buying.

If we lose the auction do I owe anything?

No. It costs nothing to bid and you only pay if your bid wins or your offer is accepted by the seller.

How much money can I save?

Our goal is to save you at least $2,000 over buying retail. However more than once we have had a customer’s lender call us to verify the purchase price of a vehicle because the price fell so far below what the lender was willing to lend for that exact vehicle! In all cases, SheCar price was five digits less than what the lender was willing to lend our customers.

So, I see a car I like, what now? What is required to move forward with bidding on a vehicle?

Once you zero-in on a vehicle, you simply email us the VIN so we can check it out thoroughly. Then we provide you with a simple spreadsheet that line-items any additional fees or taxes associated with buying that vehicle. Based on those costs we establish what your maximum bid or offer will be based on your total budget. This ensures we never go above budget during the rapid bidding process.

Do I go online and bid myself?

SheCar will do the actual bidding but you can watch it live online and be on the phone with us if you’re available.

Can I buy a car directly without going through the auction?

Sometimes. There are three ways to buy a car: 1) By bidding during a live auction, 2) By making an offer to the seller in advance of the auction, or 3) With a “buy it now” price that is stipulated by the seller. The situation varies by the vehicle and we discuss the best option for you.

Do you take trade-ins?

No, you’re better off selling it privately for a retail price that we will help you set. Consumers get a double whammy on trade-ins; the dealer buys your car below wholesale, then sells it wholesale at the auction, where another dealer buys and sells it to another consumer retail. It’s quite a cycle!

What are the fees involved?

The fees vary by the vehicle and location. Our objective is to save you at least $2,000 after fees and taxes. We’ll show you how to assess the numbers using your own tools, not just the ones we’re sharing with you. We won’t charge anything over what we save you, all-in, after taxes and fees.

Can I test drive the car?

Only dealers are permitted inside the auction, so we recommend test-driving on your own to make sure you will be comfortable in the make and model you select. SheCar allows you to access the online resources used to determine a vehicle’s wholesale value and detailed condition assessment.

Can I get a one-owner car that has never been in an accident?

Absolutely! The condition report that comes with the car tells us the number of owners and the calculated number of accidents. Keep in mind, however, that not all accidents are reported. In addition to disclosing existing damages, the condition report identifies previously repaired damage – it’s like looking into a crystal ball!

Do I have to buy a car in my area?

SheCar gives you access to inventory throughout North America. We can make arrangements to ship the car directly to you from anywhere in the country.

How do I physically get the car and how long does it take?

Depending on your location, and that of the car, the length of time varies between same-day and within 10 days.

How do I get the license plate and title?

SheCar provides a temporary tag and temporary registration so you can drive in any state the moment your vehicle arrives. If you are in Florida, we handle your tag transfers or new tag so you never have to go to the DMV. Out of state customers are overnighted a packet with the temp tag and registration, along with all the required paperwork for their home state.

What if something is wrong with the car?

Most SheCar vehicles come with a 14-day guarantee on the engine, electrical, and transmission. You will know well in advance if the vehicle you’re considering doesn’t qualify. Most do.

What if I change my mind after I win the bid?

Once you sign the bid grid, you are committing to the purchase for the specified price.

Do you provide financing?

No. Usually, people find their own bank or credit union will offer the best rates. Unlike traditional dealerships, we do not make money on the financing. We want you to get the best deal for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

Once the sale is complete, we will provide you with wire transfer or deposit instructions.


Please contact us if you have any other questions. We look forward to finding your dream car!

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