July 19, 2019


What is a dealer-only auction?

It’s where dealers shop for and buy nearly 100% of the gently-used vehicles found on their lots. And, it’s almost always where your trade-in ends up. SheCar® lets YOU choose from the vast inventory available to us as dealers. Our goal is for you to pick out your own quality ride, and we’ll help you determine that it’s the best fit for the absolute best price – wholesale.

What kind of vehicles are available at the auction?

Pretty much anything you can imagine, from vintage collectable cars to high-end luxury vehicles in pristine condition, to salvage vehicles for parts dealers.

With such a vast inventory, how can I zero-in on the car that’s right for me?

SheCar sets you up with a search criteria exclusively for you. It’s a starting point from which you can further customize every detail from price to condition, model year to roof type. We’re here to help and will assist in focusing your search to a vehicle that’s perfect for you.

Are wholesale vehicles new?

No, but often they are like-new having been driven only a few hundred miles.

How do I know if the vehicle is in good condition – or not?

SheCar allows you to see what the dealer sees – a condition report that grades vehicles on a scale of 1 to 5 and includes photos and evaluations of about 100 checkpoints. The condition report also identifies every aspect of a vehicle’s history, including whether a vehicle has structural damage, the extent of the potential damage, lemon-law and flood disclosures.

Are wholesale vehicles junk that no one else wants?

No. In the car business the word wholesale refers to what the dealer pays for a vehicle, not the condition of that vehicle.

How does a vehicle end up at the auction?

Dealers, as well as rental and lease companies, buy and sell inventory through the auction where vehicles are quickly evaluated for condition and value, then offered to other dealers throughout North America and beyond. When you take a car into a dealership for trade, most times it is sent directly to the auction, regardless of its value and condition. It’s a highly efficient way for dealers to move vehicles fast without consumers slowing down the process and knowing the actual value of the vehicle they just traded in.

If the auctions are closed to the public, why does SheCar let me see the inventory?

Because we believe there is no good reason for you not to know the truth about car-buying.

How does SheCar make money?

Flat fee. Our method of car-shopping saves the consumer thousands of dollars which is perfectly clear as soon as you begin your search. Our fee generally falls between $750 – $1,500.

Does SheCar guarantee their vehicles?

Yes, because SheCar will not recommend you buy anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves, so we guarantee your vehicle will run like a top or we’ll take the car back within 7 days. (With the purchase of a Post-Sale-Inspection, PSI)

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