What the Elf!
November 6, 2018

What the Elf!

Christmas is right around the corner and there’s no better time than now to shop for and buy the car that’s been doing donuts around those sugar-plums dancing around in your head! 😊 Just in case it’s a surprise for someone else, we’ll store your gift until Christmas morning and provide a giant bow for the hood!

Early year-end clearance sales have brought about some awesome deals for 2016 – 2019 models now available at auction. We’ll give you the tools to peruse through hundreds of cars and trucks that have the exact options that are on your must-have wish list.

Or, allow us to be your personal shopper. Just let us know a few details of what you like best in a car such as make/model, color, sunroof, convertible, sports/NAV packages, price range, and any other specs that make you happy. We’ll come back with a detailed list of vehicles that meet your wishes. Our vehicle “grid” will show you exactly how much that car will cost when delivered right to your door.

Since we buy at auction, you will literally save thousands of dollars. Getting more for your money is always a good idea and even better when the quality and value of your car is known in advance and can be compared to the same car on the open market. Transparency in sales sounds good but is only good when you can back up those words with facts. Facts we got…and they favor you this time.

You’ll never again have that feeling of driving away from a dealership or used-car lot wondering “what the Elf just happened”. So, if you’re checking a list…and checking it twice, remember that indulging in a new ride can be naughty and nice! (Milk and cookies accepted here)

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